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Plant engineering and maintainment

Our extensive knowledge in the field of plant engineering and maintainment allows us to offer the highest quality of our services. We have the correct implementation of this service and we improve our four basic maintaining objectives which are availability, reliability, and useful life and cost exploitation along their period of life.

Electrical engineering

  • Energy-saving studies.
  • Designs and integration of electrical systems.
  • Project turnkey management.
  • Electrical installation of medium and low voltage.
  • Installation and design of electrical substations.
  • Distribution, control, and strength boards.
  • Inside, outside, and municipal lighting control systems.
  • The actualization of electrical machinery and equipment.
  • Generating plants and switchboards.
  • Power factor correction.
  • Land systems.
  • Lightning rod systems.
  • Aerial and subterranean electrifications.

Mechanical engineering

  • Installation of machinery, equipment, and line production.
  • Disassembly, move, and machinery assembly.
  • Machinery, line production, equipment improvement, and standardization.
  • Design and fabrication of traveling canes.
  • Industrial building structures.


  • Machinery and equipment: prevention, prediction, and correction.

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