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Foundry processes

In 3M’s manufacturer, we are compromised to satisfy our clients necessities by offering them high level metallurgy solutions.

We supply high quality foundry parts:

  • Grey iron.
  • Pearlitic nodular iron.
  • Bronze.

We have at our disposal two cupola furnaces and two tilting furnaces of crucible to melt in, these have a capacity of 2,000 monthly tons.

To guarantee the quality of our foundry, we have a metallurgy laboratory equipped with the highest quality instruments and tools:

  • Two spectrometers that measure the chemical property of metals with more than twenty elements of the periodic table.
  • One metalloscope to measure the granulometry of metals.
  • One digylab that measures the emptying temperatures and refrigeration of the parts.

One sands laboratory used to make precise measurements as regards molds humidity, resistance, elasticity and breaking point.

In each process, we fulfil the guidelines established by SAE, ASTM and the equivalents for each case.

If you need, a list or more detailed information about our foundry services, contact us: info@manufacturera.com about any doubt.

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