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Grey iron foundry, pearlitic nodular iron, steel and bronze.

Steelworks and welding

Our production is based on ASME, AWS laws. Our structures and equipment are of high quality.

Civil engineering

Industrial plants planning.


Manufacturing Machinery.

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Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from their followers


To provide our customers with complete solutions that satisfy and exceed their expectations. As a matter of fact, we have a team formed by competent collaborators who are committed to improve profitability and to boost the quality of our customer processes.


To become a leader organization in complete solutions which are innovative in the steel machinery industry, the benefit of our clients, providers, collaborators and with social responsibility.


Atradium, the new era of 3M’s Manufacturer. Our manufacturer, as mentioned in our code of conduct, promotes dignity, liberty, human rights, plurality, collaboration, trust, participation, social compromise and social responsibility.


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Since 1954, we maintain Mexico’s name in the highest position internationally speaking

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