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Innovation is what distinguishes a leader from their followers.

About 3M

Since our beginning as a company in 1954, our services are focused on investigation, development, evolution and consolidation of our products, services and projects designed for different industrial sectors. These build up our position as an important provider.

Our prior experience allows us to offer a vast number of high-quality products for which we have the following certifications: ISO 9001-2015 and AWS.

We have at our disposal advanced technology for which we fabricate any type of part, equipment or replacement part that your company may require. In addition, we have up to date laboratories which guarantee the highest standards of products’ quality.

Our working culture is founded on 5 S’s model which allows us to implement in benefit our clients any sort of process and management in quality guaranteed.
Also, we operate by using an SAP platform that integrates every of our operational processes.

3M Manufacturer is a protagonist in the manufacturing industry, it capitalizes its experience with the purpose of facing the future technological challenges. 3M’s dynamism reinvents itself everyday and it is at constant innovation and movement, 3M knows its compromise with their employees, clients, providers, investors and the environment.

Our processes: 

  •  Foundry
  • Steelworks and welding
  • Machinery
  • Project engineering process
  • Assembly.
  • Quality assurance


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