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We are more than a simple provider, we are your strategic ally… 3M’s engineering projects are responsible for designing processes and products which maintain our enterprise at the avant-garde.

We produce constant investigations and strategic alliances with providers that allow us to expand the limits of our services. As a result, we are linked to institutions such as Tecnologico de Monterrey, Universidad Anáhuac, and el Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia (CONACYT), among other institutions.

To sustain ourselves as an excellent option, we have modern equipment, high technology, software design, animations, and 3D drawing of the latest generation, which are operated by an expert team capable to adapt themselves to the design of each project.

The sum of our human resources, capacities, technology, and machinery result in successful mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic engineering projects and the construction of industrial building structures, plant installation, equipment for industrial processes, automatization projects, instrumentation, and control, technical and foundry assessors.

We develop conceptual level projects, basic engineering, engineering in detail, and turnkey projects. We provide our high-quality engineering services to our customers.


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